(Baby), It's You!, 2010
Director: David Cowles, Jeremy Galante, & Brad Pattullo
Music: Danny Shonerd & "The Boys"
Assistant Animation: Rob Sassi


Beck, Jerry (June 9, 2011). “'(Baby) It's You!' by Brad Pattullo, Jeremy Galante, and David Cowles”, Cartoon Brew.

• 5th Yellowknife International Film Festival, September 2011, Yellowknife, NT, Canada
• Museum of Arts and Design- "Daggers" Film Showcase, October, 2011, New York, NY
• 3rd Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival, October 2011, Montreal, QC, Canada
• 4th ANIMATIC 2011, November 2011, Pamplona, Spain
• 11th Anchorage International Film Festival, December 2011, Anchorage, AK
• 2012 Pixie Awards, Platinum Award
• 14th Spokane International Film Festival, January, 2012, Spokane, WA
• 14th San Francisco Independent Film Festival, February, 2012, San Francisco, CA
• 8th Dam Short Film Festival, February 2012, Boulder City, NV
• 4th Skagway Arts Council Winter Weekend Film Festival, February, 2012, Skagway, AK
• 14th DC Independent FIlm Festival, February, 2012, Washington DC
• 35th Carolina Film and Video Festival, February, 2012, Greensboro, NC
• 14th Festival International des Très Courts, May 2012, Paris, France
◦ (Winner: Best Short, Animation/Experimental)
• 2012 Northwest Animation Festival, May, 2012, Portland, OR
• 43rd ASIFA-East Awards, May, 2012, New York, NY
◦ (Second Place: Music Video)
• 4th Long Day Short Film Festival, June, 2012, Alameda, CA
• 8th Eerie Horror Film Festival, October, 2012, Erie, PA
• 7th Annual Washington DC International Film Festival, October, 2012, Washington, DC
• Atlanta Horror Film Festival, October, 2012, Atlanta, GA
◦ (Winner: Best Animated Short)
• ShockerFest International Film Festival, October, 2012, Modesto, CA
◦ (Winner: Best Music Video)
• New Orlean Horror Film Festival, September, 2012, New Orleans, LA
• 16th New York International Children's Film Festival, March, 2013, New York, NY
• Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival, April, 2013, Jacksonville, FL
• Rincon International Film Festival, April, 2013, Rincon, Puerto Rico